03 April 2015

McMaster Alumni is Tutu Good to be True!

We swapped our cockamamie croquet...
and our timeless teatimes…
for the bewitching ballet!
This momentous occasion was made possible through McMaster Alumni. McMaster University is where Alicia and I studied; if you too are McMaster Alumni, we suggest you take a gander at the marvelous services and benefits the McMaster Alumni Community offers!

We had to lull our lollygagging for this was a date in which we didn't want to be late!
The evening of muchness started at Nota Bene, where we merrily mingled with a multitude of McMaster alumni whilst munching on magnificent hors d'oeuvres. We also had the privilege to listen to McMaster alumnus Lee Schofield, a family physician and sport medicine doctor, discuss his experience volunteering on the medical staff at the National Ballet.
Next, we frolicked to the Four Season Centre for the feature presentation and figured it fitting to festoon our feathery fascinators during the fancy footwork.
 At teatime the next day, we couldn't help relive the magical evening.
Let's begin at the beginning: When the curtains whisked away, we were welcomed into a world of wonder; whimsy washed over us and we wandered into a daydream! 
Forgive us if we flamboyantly fibbed: we didn't forgo the flamingo croquet fully...
Photo by Alice Pennefather
...and we didn't stray too far from tea either. Madness was in the air, so who could blame us for having a fairy-sized cup of tea to calm our nerves?
We perceived a poignant yet playful performance. Peering at the perpetual, pirouetting dancers imparted a whole new perspective to "dizzy Alice."
 GIF Credit
Here are a few more parts most pleasing to our dizzy hearts:

The paper boat that Alice and The White Rabbit sailed was certainly surreal.
Photo Credit
The cards tutu's were too cute and delightfully difficult to deal with.
Photo Credit
Larger than life tea fare was unfathomably fair.
Photo Credit
The "tippy-tippy-tay" of tippy toes tickled our ears. WHO did these terrific tootsies belong to?
Photo Credit
Twirling, talking flowers awakened our spritely spirits, urging us to forget the weary winter….
Photo Credit
…as our memory sprouted with springtime shenanigans and familiarity of floral friendships.
Although the music, choreography, sets, and costumes were a feast for our nonsensical senses, we also absolutely appreciated the alluring grace and athletics of the dancers!

We must tip our fascinators to McMaster Alumni for opening such a curious door of opportunity. The hypnotic experience heartily pulled at our heartstrings and we know it will happily haunt us forevermore!
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15 December 2014

Wonderland State of Mind

It's always springtime in Wonderland, which means we always have flowers for the plucking, because after all…
Here are some of our favourite floral fascinations:

These enamel brooches enable a pop-up of colour during the drab winter months.
Flower Brooches $5 each

Ravishing red roses are forever in season on these coasters. 
Rose Coasters $5
What's spring without three little birds just at your doorstep?
And by doorstep we mean a curious cluster upon your favourite holiday sweater!

Cluster Pins $10
The mean queen's heart doesn't freeze because it's always springy in Wonderland.
This rhinestone heart nestled between three strands of pearly pearls is definitely divine.
"Love loves to love lovingly" Choker $20
In Wonderland, even accessories have accessories.
Scarf Clips $5 
Sail on a balmy breeze with this rad, red anchor necklace
A'hoy $12

Bike along Wonderland's promenade of talking flowers, with nothing but the bluest skies on the horizon. The pattern on this scarf has got our minds wheeling with happiness! 
Bike scarf $4

Fickle fruits are always in season in Wonderland, so 
have your "fruits du jour" with this interchangeable pin!
Fruits du Jour $7

Toques are a fashion faux pas in Wonderland; instead, tea party chapeaus are always in style! Perhaps perch this precious cameo wall hanging in a pretty powder room.
"Bonny Bonnet" Wall Hanging $8
There's nothing as pleasing as playing cards on a picnic.
"Deal with Me" card earrings $5
So have a fling with a ring 
and give a pearl a whirl
at our Christmas Pop-up:
December 15th & 16th 5:00pm-9:00pm at 
211 Locke St. S, Hamilton
May Wonderland bloom and grow forever!

07 August 2014

mad beer party

It was a sizzler last weekend, so we made an exception for a beer party instead of a tea party!
We had the perfect spot greeting those entering the beer garden, as well as a fabulous view of the stage!
Cake stands spewing with scrumptious accessories will surely make anyone smile!
 Beer bubbles weren't the only bubbles beautifully bombarding buyers.
It was a bright and brilliant afternoon: The sun was shining with all his might, our jewellery was shimmering, and the fresh lagers were a gorgeous, golden hue.
It was only fitting that our "A Brew for You" beer themed salt and pepper shakers swiftly sold. What a superb souvenir of the weekend festivities!
We served "White Rabbit" candies that were a gift from some dear friends. Between the rabbit candies and beer, we were all "hopped" up, if ya know what we mean!?
 This darling daisy, a new addition to our brooch collection, was freshly picked...
…by this fashionable female with a fiery spirit.
These ladies were such memorable customers - dizzy-esque indeed!

We enjoyed the Beer Fest experience so muchly that we're attending another shortly!
Follow us to the rooftop of Jackson Square on Saturday August 23rd from 12:30pm to 7pm.
Cheers, lovelies xo

11 July 2014

If teacups could talk

It was anything but fuddy-duddy at the "Fashion it Forward" fundraiser.

It was a dream come true to have models strutting the runway in wonderland-inspired ensembles. 

We had the pleasing pleasure of working with talented designers and models. 
What a fabulously, fantastical time we had! Thank you, Josette!
Onward march...
Ahhh! Our first art crawl of the season was a multitude of maddening muchness!
This beauty found a blingy brooch for her backpack!
We loved hearing about the passions of these pleasant pals.
One was drawn to us by catching a glimpse of her most cherished hue, so she had to buy our "Orange Crush with Eyeliner" bangle. Her lovely friend is wild about identifying wildflowers, a hobby she has recently adopted, so it was only fitting that she bought our "She's a Wildflower" necklace that has wildflowers daintily decorating each bead. 
After what seemed like a ceaseless winter, this sunshine girl was a sight for sore eyes. Of course she scooped up our "Sunshiny Day" change purse to compliment her bright smile. 
This couple was sweet and she picked out a butterfly brooch that suited her gentle but spritely spirit!
We had rows and flows of rainbow clothes on display at Hamilton Fashion Week and of course we emphasized how you're never fully dressed without a hat or fascinator…or a smile.
Although we just met, these two fierce females felt like familiar friends, but I guess that's what happens when you bond over the feminine mystique. These two lovelies are known as the "Two Juliettes."See them perform at the Hamilton Fringe in July! 
This multi-layered pearl necklace looks anything but mundane in this magnificent moment 
Here are some other dizzy delights that disappeared into doting hands…

A few sweater/collar clips have lovingly latched on to new mates.
A darling girl plead for pleats with a pretty pattern! We may have heard her say "pleats & thank you" after her purchase.
Behold a photo from one of our loyal customers and bravo to how wondrous this whimsical brooch looks on her hat!
If teacups could talk, surely they'd sputter...
Moments by Lauren
 …cheers to tea parties! to curiosity! and to each other!