11 July 2013

mad hatters

Hats are outstanding. Period. "'nuff said." A hat creates a presence, a bold statement that says, "Look! I'm different, I'm distinguished, I'm distinctive, and I'm darn right fabulous!" Hats are even categorized by darling names (and rightfully so!), such as the "Cartwheel", "Halo", or "Mushroom."

Hats have such a legacy! Can you believe there was a time when women wouldn't leave their homes without a hat on? No matter how fabulous an outfit was, it was just not complete without a sassy hat. Hats were such a significant accessory during the 1950's that they would often come with complimentary lipstick and nail polish recommendations.

 It was a dismal time in fashion history when hats started to lose their appeal in the mid-1960's - preposterous, if you ask us! However, dizzy alice is happy to announce that...*drum roll please*... the chapeau is making a comeback!! This revival has been made possible by hat devotees, such as Kate Middleton, whose impeccable taste in hats and fascinators reserves her a seat at any mad tea party! 

Similarly, the Royal Wedding and Queen's Diamond Jubilee have also put hats and fascinators back on the map. It's always a pleasure to relish in the eccentric glory of the headdresses at these particular events. The enchanting designs make you feel as though you have stepped into a fairytale. This is one of our favourites:

Wouldn't you agree that a hat can take an outfit from "everyday" to "that sh*t cray"? Whether you are wearing a hat for function or fashion, dizzy alice has the one for you! 

We have the perfect hats to bask in that warm summer glow.

Hat: Queen of Spades $12; Top: Lemon Twist $12; Skirt: Alice Sails the Seven Seas $14; Earrings $5; Bangles vary

Hat: Black Widow $17; Dress: The Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar $15
Shirt: Fallen Flowers $10; Skirt: Pink Floyd $10; Tapestry Purse: Mid-Century Pennyfarthing $15

Or hats to wear at events such as weddings or swanky soirees.
We love the moody blues found in this 1930's Turban. The bow at the back is magical!

1930s Soiree Chapeau $12; Necklaces & bracelets vary

How fascinating are fascinators?! They give a mysterious aura, a pop of colour, and a fun flair suited for a plethora of outfits. We love the infinite blusher on our "Off With Her Head" fascinator.
Hat: Off With Her Head $20

"Dinah's Daydream", our pretty purple fascinator, is fit for the queen herself!

Hat: Dinah's Daydream $20; Dress: Golden Afternoon $15; Lady Profile Brooch $5; Earrings $5 

Wear a hat for every day errands, a coffee date with a special friend, or lunch on a patio. "The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back" is perfect for such occasions. This casual felt hat can be dressed up or down with an addition of a beautiful blingy brooch or a big bold bow .

Hat: The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back $20; Skirt: Honey, I'm Home $25; Necklace: Anubis $15 ; Purse: Caucaus Race $20 ; Scarf $4

We are thrilled that hats and fascinators are becoming trendy once again because they can make any occasion feel like a royal affair! Be mad as a hatter and add some pizzaz to your parties by implementing hats and fascinators as a theme. They bring so much colourful energy, making events even more memorable!

So if you're hankering for a hat, come visit us mad hatters and check out our collection at the James North art crawl at 6:00 p.m. this Friday July 12th at 136 James Street North in front of
H.Williams Jewellery.
See you there!

Skirt: Alice Goes to Oxford $12; Purse: Audrey & the Red Queen go Shopping $15; Ring & Bracelets vary 
The Mad Hatter: "Your carriage, my lady."
Alice: "A hat?"
The Mad Hatter: "Of course. Anyone can go by horse or rail,
but the absolute best way to travel is by hat. Have I made a rhyme?"

What's your favourite type of hat? We'd love to know! Leave us a comment:


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